Dog Training Courses in Asheville, NC and Columbia, SC!

 Dynamic Private and Group Lessons. Board & Train Courses. Puppy Preschool. Problem Behavior Solutions. Any Age, Any Breed. Guaranteed Results. 28 Years in Business. Free Consultation. Experience the Difference!

The Kabler School For Dogs team welcomes you to our world of training!

At Kabler School For Dogs we provide the highest quality family dog training available. We can help you achieve your dog training goals! Our team is skilled and talented, with awards and certifications to back up our work. The school’s training philosophy is rooted in communicating in a clear way and making the training fun and exciting for both owner and dog.

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Our Private On and Off Leash Obedience Courses are rooted in communicating with your best friend. Sessions are fun and dynamic as we teach you and your dog to gain reliable voice commands, hand signals, and manners! These courses include a combination of private lessons and advanced group training classes. This hybrid approach allows us to train one-on-one and achieve spectacular real world results. Once your dog is ready you will be invited to the advanced group classes to further hone you and your dog’s training skills. To have your dog evaluated schedule a Free Consultation by Clicking Here.

For dogs that are experiencing behavioral problems, we offer a clear path of training that leads to success over and over again. Kabler School For Dogs has a proven track record of solving difficult behaviors like leash reactivity and aggression. It takes time and commitment to resolve stubborn problems and Kabler School For Dogs will guide you through your training and lead you to the success you have dreamed about.

Whenever possible we like puppies to get off to the right start in our Puppy Preschool Program. This course provides all the critical early socialization, puppy level obedience, house training, puppy tricks, puppy games, problem behavior prevention and more. This course includes 4 private sessions and 4 group socialization classes. This format allows us to give you all the one-on-one your pup needs and also work as a group on our puppy’s socialization skills. We also offer a Yearling Puppy Course for pups that are 6-9 months of age. This course continues all the training and socialization we started in Puppy Preschool. If these courses interest you and you would like to schedule a school visit and Free Consultation Click Here.

Residency Board & Train Courses at Kabler School For Dogs are a complete immersive canine experience. Multiple training sessions a day, play time, socialization, all with amazing follow up training and most importantly tangible real world results! Your dog will be trained in reliable On and Off Leash Obedience. Neighborhood walks, visits to busy local parks, trips to outdoor malls and hikes are all par for the course! To schedule a school visit and evaluate your dog please schedule a Free Consultation.

Beyond obedience training, our school also offers K-9 Swim classes, Service Dog Training, Dock Diving Courses and Protection Training Courses. Come to our Asheville location or have our Columbia in home service out for a visit and see the difference 28 years of experience makes!

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Puppy Preschool ensures you get off to the right start with your new pup!

Dog School Life!