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Training session love with rescued pitbull mix Hazel.

“I cannot recommend David Kabler enough. When we adopted our 5-year-old, male Dogo Argentino, Alistair, he could not be anywhere near other dogs. Any dog within 50 yards would send our otherwise sweet, 100 lb. boy into a lunging, snarling fit. We did our best on our own for two or three months until he burst through our front door and attacked a dog walking with its owner 30 yards away. When we called David he assured us that he had experience with large, powerful, hard-headed breeds, and that he was confident he could help us. The best part was that David set very realistic expectations and never promised us anything. In the end the results were far beyond anything we could have ever expected. Over the course of roughly 10 sessions, spanning three to four months, the transformation in Alistair was incredible. David helped us build a strong foundation of obedience and boundaries while giving us the knowledge and skills we needed to continue Alistair’s training. Instead of every walk being a game of “dodge the dogs” for fear of a chaotic meltdown, Alistair can hang out at the Wedge and play with his many new dog friends. Regardless of the issues any dog is having, I would confidently recommend and trust David to help anyone through it.”

-J. Guthrie & Family


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Practicing a sit request with Dogo Alastair during a private session.

“David Kabler has changed my life forever. A few months of training with him and I can now walk my dogs off leash with other dogs and people passing by. I can relax with my family on the beach and not worry about them taking off… Please do it for yourself. It is so worth it.”

-Lucie, Milla & Kenna

“We want to let you know how pleased we continue to be with the results of Isaac’s training. We have been on hikes with him, and he no longer strains at the leash and he sits when other hikers and dogs go by! We can walk on our road with Isaac on a slack leash. We have had compliments from house guests and neighbors on his improved behavior. Before we started your training we would hardly have thought this to be possible, especially in just a few weeks. Thanks for all your help!”

– Doug, Pat and Isaac

Trained dogs can go anywhere!

Isaac now trained– can go anywhere!

“What I have truly learned the most, is how to change my actions with dogs and how to positively guide them in situations, versus scolding them for unwanted behavior. I have seen vast improvement in both my dogs and I have learned how to actively work with each dog on their strong points and their weaknesses. Kabler Dog Training is not just dog training, but people training as well. I had to learn how to teach and communicate with both dogs.  After about the 3rd class we would go out to wait for David’s arrival and both dogs were very excited to see David. They enjoyed their time with Kabler School For Dogs, as did I. I highly recommend his classes.”

– Gerry and Fred S. and Toby & Blaze


Toby, Blaze and their Guardian having fun training.

 “David’s training is straightforward, easy to do and unbelievably effective. He is patient and encouraging. From David, I learned that I need to command my dog’s respect and I have the skills now to do that. But even more amazingly, I have a newfound respect for my dog. A pretty unbelievable gift. would recommend David’s dog training to anyone. Wyatt was the oldest, largest, most stubborn and most aggressive dog in his class. David helped me turn around 5 years of bad habits in just a few days. I’m beyond impressed – I am sincerely grateful.”

– Grace, the new wolf pack leader

“Our two rescue puppies, Gidget and Mattie, each had very different issues that we asked David to deal with. He not only trained the dogs, but us as well. He has mastered a training method that is logical and intelligent and the basics of this method can be applied to situations that will arise after sessions end. Our dogs have achieved every goal that David promised they would. They are focused, well-behaved and a joy to have at home or in public.”

-The Carson family


Gidget and Maddie out on a loose lead walk.

“My family are the proud owners of a year and a half old Yellow Lab named Honey. Although she was a good dog, she was often not controllable. A few of her problems included pouncing on house guests and when we walked Honey we would often wonder ‘who was walking who?’. We consider Honey part of the family so were determined to get her trained. Kabler School For Dogs has succeeded in training Honey beyond our wildest dreams! Still loving and playful, Honey is now obedient and knows what is expected of her.”

– The LaPan family


Teaching yearling Ollie to swim and retrieve in a river session with David.

“After enrolling my dog Holly in your private dog training program, we have seen significant changes in her personality. Since she is a Chihuahua mix that we rescued from the pound, we don’t know her history for the first two years of her life. In David’s program she has become more confident and trusting of humans. She has become a more gentle and polite dog. She has learned to obey commands and wants to please me. I would recommend your training classes to anyone.”

– Vicki and Holly

“Once again I find myself thanking you. My dog Baer and I just finished your training program and I couldn’t be happier. From the first week your techniques provided me with the skills to transform a good dog into a great one. I can now take my 90 pound German Shepherd for a walk anywhere and know that he will never pull on the leash or be distracted by our surroundings. In fact, my 8 year old daughter can walk him easily and it’s a pleasure to have people approach me and ask who trained my dog!”

– Micque and Baer


Lilly excitedly practicing her puppy obedience skills.

“I don’t know where to begin or how to thank you for the patience, guidance, and professionalism you showed my Yellow Lab Reagan and me over the last few months. I came to you hoping to learn a few things about how to raise a puppy to become a good dog. What we both learned, however, was much more. My hyperactive stubborn little puppy learned manners and good behavior I never dreamed possible. Spending the day with Reagan now is pure pleasure. Thanks to David he really has become my best friend.”

– Nora and Reagan


(828) 337-5792