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Dog Training Courses That Provide Professional, Guaranteed Results!

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Puppy Preschool

Socialize for a confident puppy!

Enroll your pup in the Kabler School For Dogs Puppy Preschool Course! Early training is critical in preventing behavioral problems before they begin. This course includes 4 private sessions and 4 group Puppy Socials. All of your puppy questions will be answered. Our approach to raising pups is a mixture of socialization, handling activities, training exercises, and games. Puppy Preschool sessions are chock-full of info and will teach you and your new pup extremely useful skills. There is nothing like raising a new puppy the Kabler way! Begin your dog training journey with wonderful training experiences, socialization encounters, and exciting homework to complete each week! Click here to schedule a Free Consultation.

Yearling Puppy School

Yearling training guides your new pup through this unique puppy phase of development!

Our Yearling Program is a dynamic training course for 5 to 8 month olds. Training dogs in this age group is an art. This developmental period is a critical time in your pup’s life, and it is important to handle and guide your young dog using the right approach. This course guides you through this challenging phase of raising your new pup– a time when they are experiencing increased energy levels and a newfound inquisitiveness about the world around them. In private Yearling sessions we will share with you our unique and incredibly fun path to raising, socializing, teaching, and directing your dog’s focus and natural drives. Human guardians will learn how to motivate their dog in obedience through use of rewards, play, and praise. Problem behavior solutions are also covered– we want to prevent and guide your new pup away from nuisance behaviors. We also cover beginner off leash skills training in this exciting course! Click here to schedule a Free Consultation.

On and Off Leash Obedience Courses

A beautifully trained dog is priceless!

Our On and Off Leash Training Courses provide top level professional results! Kabler School For Dogs training courses are an investment in you and your dog’s relationship that will provide satisfying rewards everyday. When properly completed, obedience training will add significantly to the depth of your dog’s bond in your personal and family life. Imagine a dog that used to be a chronic puller, lunger, growler and barker transform into a dog who loves walking politely on the leash without pulling or reacting to passing dogs and humans– a dog who is a pleasure to take on all types of outings. Imagine training using optimal methods with guaranteed results that create a balanced dog with maximum personality. This is what Kabler School For Dogs accomplishes every day! Click here to schedule a Free Consultation.

Residency Board & Train

Neighborhood walks, one-on-one time, playtime! Our Board & Train is an amazing canine experience!

Kabler School For Dogs offers the most dynamic Residency Board & Train courses available. Residency training provides a nurturing and caring training environment– like a relaxed dog psychology center that sets very high expectations! We understand how important your dog is to you and your family and believe in always taking the time to train properly. This course builds confidence, manners, and professional level obedience with lots of personal one-on-one training attention each day. During their Residency Board & Train your dog will go on daily training walks, participate in obedience sessions, romp and play in the exercise area, take field trips to very busy parks, practice retrieve and tug games, and learn household manners. The Kabler trainers take the time to train each dog using motivational techniques, creating a spirited best friend with a very high level of obedience performance. A Kabler Residency nurtures a wonderfully behaved and confident dog that loves to play, express themselves, and is excited to follow through with their obedience requests at home and out in the world. Click here to schedule a Free Consultation.

Protection Training Courses

Protection K-9 Regan will alert on command.

Offering family Protection Dog Training Courses– Imagine owning a Kabler School For Dogs trained Family Protection K9! Our trained dogs are highly sociable and under amazing voice control with the capability of protecting you and your family. In today’s world these trained family protectors provide a peace of mind that intruders to your property or threats out in the world will be neutralized. The course work includes weekly obedience, confidence building, and protection training scenarios. This course requires the right K-9 candidate and a highly dedicated owner! Click here to schedule a Free Consultation.