On and Off Leash

David’s On and Off Leash Training Courses Provide Top Level Professional Results in the Asheville Area!


Off leash Graduate Akita Taku practicing his off leash heeling skills.

Kabler School For Dogs training courses are an investment in you and your dog’s relationship that will provide satisfying rewards everyday. When properly completed, obedience training will add significantly to the depth of your dog’s bond in your personal and family life. Imagine a dog that used to be a chronic puller, lunger, growler and barker transform into a dog who loves walking politely on the leash without pulling or reacting to passing dogs and humans– a dog who is a pleasure to take on all types of outings. Imagine training using optimal methods with guaranteed results that create a balanced dog with maximum personality. This is what Kabler School For Dogs accomplishes every day.


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Happy Walk

Leo and his guardian practicing their long line walking skills in their off leash training course.


For dogs who are 8 months of age or older, David offers private training courses in On Lead and Off Lead obedience. These courses begin at the Kabler School For Dogs state of the art training facility and training field. As your dogs obedience training and socialization skills grow- sessions will be held at local parks and around town. This approach allows for each dog to learn in a low distraction setting and graduate to advanced real world locations when they are ready. It is important to train away from home at the Kabler training studio so your dog can successfully work around higher levels of distraction and be exposed to new socialization experiences. Private sessions allow your dog to succeed faster with individualized training methods. David’s experience with different breeds and personality types allow him to train Mrs. Smith’s Dachshund much differently than Joe’s Boxer– and David specializes in solving tough and complex behavioral issues. Training is a journey that you take with your four legged best friend that deepens the Canine-Human bond.

Training Gives Rewards Everyday!


Loose leash walk with Labrador retrievers Harper and Jackson.


Off Leash courses are available for On Leash graduates. Off Leash training will ensure that your best friend will listen and follow through with your voice command reliably while completely off the leash! For many of our graduates having a dog who will always come when called even from tough distractions like other dogs, cats, squirrels, etc. is a dream come true and exceeds the wildest expectations. The focus of our Off Leash course is teaching your dog to come when called, to heel, to down and stay, and more without the hindrance of the leash. Off Leash graduates experience more freedom in their daily lives and on outings than dogs who don’t reliably follow through with voice commands off leash. Give your dog the gift of freedom by finishing your dogs training to the Off Leash level!


Your training program will take on a life of its own as we will guide and instruct based on your dog’s individual personality and training needs. With over 20 years of experience and a world class training education, David and his staff have a very large toolbox of training skills to help both canines and their human Guardians find success. Kabler School For Dogs training courses provide you with professional results using a fun and motivational technique. Graduating through a Kabler School For Dogs training course will provide you and your dog with high level results that work out in the real world. Trips to parks, neighborhood walks, city walks, visits to outdoor cafe’s and challenging locations are always a part of every Kabler training course.


Invitation only advanced group classes help your best friend learn how work around other dogs.


David’s group walks and dog socials are for Guardians and their Canines who are enrolled in Kabler School For Dogs On and Off Leash training Courses. These classes are by invitation only and 6 group classes are included in each of the On Leash and Off Leash Obedience Courses. Dogs who are excelling in their Kabler School For Dogs obedience training who are ready for advanced socialization and the highest distractions possible are invited as an addition to clients private obedience courses. These unique classes will teach you and your canine to work around other dogs, in new environments, and how to take your dogs obedience/socialization to the next level.


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Recall Practice

White German Shepherd Tundra and his family practicing a motivational recall request.