Our Puppy Preschool Starts Your Pup Out Right!

Not only is Puppy Preschool fun but it prevents problems before they become bad habits!

Raising a puppy right is where it all begins. Our trainers are fond of saying that new puppy owners have one chance to do it right. Properly structuring the first 4 months with your new puppy is critical to forming the puppies mental state and social skills. The time will fly by so every day counts!

House training, obedience, and socialization are super important from 8-16 weeks. Critical socialization wraps up around 4 months of age so don’t let your pup miss out on this very important developmental stage. The Kabler School for Dogs training campus in Asheville and Columbias in home training service provides a safe environment to focus on your new pups socialization skills!

At Kabler School For Dogs we offer an excellent Puppy Preschool Course that is designed to assist you in puppy obedience, socialization, tricks, games, house training, and more! We will focus on puppy manners and address any behavioral problems that may arise. You will learn how to properly handle your new pup and practice obedience routines that are fun and create excellent communication.

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