Training Philosophy

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Training canine best friends is what we do best!

Our Dog Training Philosophy Comes Down To One Word: Communication

The Kabler School For Dogs training method has been honed through the hands on experience of successfully training thousands of dogs and their human guardians. The ultimate goal is to create what we call Guardian Focus and Aligned Energy in your best friend. Motivational exercises build the dogs ability to focus on their human guardian. David and his team allow the dog’s personality to guide the type of training techniques used and we spend ample time teaching human guardians as well. All dogs and people are unique and each training program is different. Kabler School For Dogs specializes in customizing your dog’s training and is able to achieve optimal results by being so flexible. There are three distinct phases of training when working with guardians and dogs.

David is a patient teacher, never in a rush, and has a very large toolbox of training skills.

Foundation Stage: Building a strong foundation in obedience requests is a must. Teaching the dog with pure positive reinforcement will ensure a strong lifelong desire to work for their guardians. It is common practice at Kabler School For Dogs to teach Sit, Down, Stay, Walking, Come when called and many other requests with plenty of motivational rewards and hearty praise. We call this stage the “Growing Roots” stage of training. The stronger the root the bigger the tree — and our team wants you and your dog to learn and grow in a positive way.

David out practicing obedience with his Belgian Malinois Fury.

• Guidance Stage: Once your dog demonstrates their understanding of obedience requests it is time to begin the techniques of positively teaching leash guidance. During this stage our trainers will begin teaching your dog to follow through with obedience requests with more reliability, begin to add in training distractions and work in new locations, and vary the training exercises.

Daisy ready to train!

• Lifestyle Stage: When your dog has successfully completed the Guidance Stage then it is time to teach them to follow your obedience requests no matter where you are or what is going on around you. This will effectively teach your best friend that following your voice requests is now a lifestyle. Training practice, during this time, will be at new and challenging locations. By the end of this stage, your dog will be able to quickly switch between obedience requests and play. At this time you and your dog will be invited to attend our exclusive Advanced Group Walk and Socialization Classes that are included with each of our On and Off Leash Obedience Courses.

Yellow Lab Arlo and his family out practicing his off leash heel during an off leash training session.


Our team believes that the beginning of solving problem behavior is through obedience training and counter-conditioning. Changing a dogs reasons for reacting and creating behavior we like and appreciate is fundamental to a good training program. Guardians will see problem behaviors diminish in training, as communication and trust grow. As your dog begins to understand your expectations you will see anxiety naturally decrease and with it problem behaviors fade away. Any additional lingering problems will be addressed once you and your dog are working together as a team using a wide variety of approaches.

German Shepherd Maggie Kabler retrieving car keys as apart of her Assistance Dog training– Officially the best baby sitter in the world.


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