Dock Diving & Swim Center is Open!

Kabler School For Dogs is proud to announce the opening of our new K9 Dock Diving and Swim Center! Are you interested in teaching your puppy to swim from a young age? Are you wanting to teach your dog to water retrieve? How about swim lessons for adult dogs? Have you seen the exciting sport of dog dock diving? Are you excited about giving your dog this amazing outlet for all that energy? If you answered yes to any of these questions then the Kabler School For Dogs swim and dock diving courses may be just the K9 activity you’ve been looking for.

Golden Retriever Pearl taking the leap!

We live in an an area with so much swift moving water and lakes that it is imperative for every dog to learn to swim proficiently. This will keep your dog safe as you go on hiking trips, SUP journeys, and swimming adventures with your four legged best friend. The optimal time to teach your dog to swim is as a puppy but older dogs can learn to swim and build water confidence too. Swimming and retrieve combined together make for an amazingly fun activity for you and your dog.

Fury warming up on the ramp.

Our Dock Diving and Swim training courses are an excellent path forward to advancing your dog to that next level of water confidence. Please go to scheduling to book your dogs Swim or Dock Diving training course! For experienced dogs and handlers we also offer Independent hourly dock rental so you can practice with your dog.

Frankie is a natural water retriever!

The Kabler School For Dogs Swim and Dock Diving Center includes a 29’x17′ foot pool with a 20′ practice dock and ramp. Our facility is classified as a ‘short dock’ for competition– excellent for teaching dogs this exciting activity and for experienced jumpers up to the 25′ range.

Please call the school today for more info!

(828) 337-5792

Barley building some water confidence.