Tight Leash To A Loose Leash Mindset


Loose leash walking practice with pocket Pittie Sadie.

Shifting from a tight leash to a loose leash is one of the hallmarks of a Kabler School For Dogs training course. Owning a professionally trained dog means that you can walk your dog with pleasure on a loose leash, easily passing other dogs, squirrels, cats, you name it! Our program teaches several kinds of walks from a casual ‘Round Me’ command to a very formal ‘With Me’ heel request. These different types of walks each have their place and you can use them interchangeably as the need arises.

Before Kabler training, most owners have a tight leash on their dog. This tight leash feels like you have more control of your best friend, but in truth, you have very little control if all your walks are on a tight lead. The leash is actually a communication tool. There are 3 primary ways of communication with your dog; Voice commands, hand signals, and leash requests. During a Kabler on leash course your dog will learn that when you pull on the leash you are actually sending them an obedience request.


Loose leash walk with Labrador retrievers Harper and Jackson.

Dogs who are inappropriately reacting to other dogs or people by barking, lunging, or extreme pulling on the leash can be successfully trained to have neutral energy and walk on a loose leash! The Kabler approach to training solves tough issues by addressing the root causes and utilizing several angles and behavioral solutions. Once you change your mindset, and your dog reaches a high state of training, loose leash walking becomes a way of life for both you and your dog.

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