Protection Training

Traned protection K-9 Belgian Malinois Storm guards his family 24/7/365.

Offering Family Protection Dog Training Courses and Trained Belgian Malinois Guard Dogs For Sale.

Imagine owning a Kabler School For Dogs trained Family Protection K9! Our trained dogs are highly sociable and under amazing voice control with capabilities of protecting you and your family. In today’s world these trained family protectors provide a peace of mind that intruders to your property or threats out in the world will be neutralized.

Belgian Malinois Storm and Ablaze (available for sale).

Having a Kabler trained K-9 at your side will make you and your family a hard target and give you an extra layer of security. At Kabler School For Dogs we offer Protection Courses and also have trained dogs available for sale that are enrolled in our Residency Board and Train Protection program.

Belgian Malinois Protection K-9 Regan will alert and out on command.

At Kabler School For Dogs we have a private lesson protection program for qualified dogs and handlers. For a dog to  be enrolled in the Protection K-9 program David must evaluate your dogs temperament, sociability, drive, and stability. Only dogs and puppies that fit his strict criteria will be accepted into Protection Training. We specialize in raising highly sociable dogs that have a clear voice command that will alert and out the dog. In most cases David will require at least a one year commitment to training once he accepts your dog into the program.

Belgian Malinois Storm watches over his family. Loyalty like this is priceless.

Kabler School For Dogs provides a course of training that produces a highly trained family Protection K-9. Private lessons are run weekly and we focus on a mixture of obedience skills and Protection Training exercises. As your dog progresses in training we will increase the obedience and control creating solid alert and out commands.

Call today to find out more about the Kabler School For Dogs Family Protection Dog Course or to inquire about trained K-9’s for sale. (828) 337-5792.

German Shepherd Protection K-9 Levi alerting on command.

A Kabler School For Dogs Protection Trained K-9 is an amazing dog to own– but it is an opportunity that comes with responsibilities. Owner handlers must commit to achieving a high level of obedience training all the way to the Off Leash level. Protection K-9 owners must commit to maintaining the training that cements the bond between handler and dog daily. Handlers must agree to using the Protection Trained K-9 only defensively and never offensively. In addition, Protection exercises must be maintained and practiced consistently.

Fury is a Kabler trained family protector. Aociable but will alert on command.

Call today to find out more about the Kabler School For Dogs Family Protection Dog Course or to inquire about trained K-9’s for sale. (828) 337-5792.