Top Dog Training In Charleston, SC!

Siblings Scarlet and Appa practicing a long down stay during a fun park session.

“I can now take my 90 pound German Shepherd for a walk anywhere and know that he will never pull on the leash or be distracted by our surroundings. In fact, my 8 year old daughter can walk him easily and it’s a pleasure to have people approach me and ask who trained my dog!”    -Micque and Baer

Kabler School For Dogs offers top level dog training courses in Charleston, SC! Taught in convenient park settings our courses will immerse you and your dog in our world of training. We specialize in raising puppies through adult dogs in our age specific courses. Our Puppy Preschool and Yearling training courses are for pups 10 weeks to 8 months of age and are designed to guide you and your pup along what we call the training path.

We will help you raise the perfect puppy!

For dogs 8 months and older we offer obedience courses in On and Off Leash Obedience that will leave your friends and family in awe of you and your dogs training. The focus is on building aligned energy with your dog through techniques that create rock solid obedience. In addition, our team is accomplished in solving stubborn unwanted behaviors including lunging on the leash, running away, reactivity towards other dogs and people, resource guarding, sibling rivalry, under socialization, anxiety, fearfulness, aggression and other stubborn behavioral issues.

Our school has an excellent track record in solving difficult cases and is veterinarian recommended!

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Dynamic and Successful Courses

At Kabler School For Dogs we believe training is dynamic and fun. You will learn by practicing exercises and training skills during each private session. You and your dog will go from ‘zero to hero’ accomplishing a high level of skill and communication. Sessions are action packed, fun, and you will be assigned clear and manageable homework to practice in-between sessions.

Clients tell us our sessions are the highlight of their dog’s week!

Charleston Training Coach Tony Mooney hosts an amazing and challenging Advanced Group Class!

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Kabler School For Dogs Charleston coach Tony Mooney is an award winning trainer, both in the world of Mondioring and family obedience. Mondioring is widely regarded as one of the most difficult dog sports that produces the worlds best trainers. Tony has been training professionally since 2009. In 2017 he and his dog Kodi won the Mondioring championships and made the world team to represent the USA. Tony is very passionate about dogs and their owners and always goes above and beyond to make sure the training is successful. He is known for his patience and skill in raising puppies- all the way to off leash trained adults. Tony is especially talented in advanced obedience and problem behavior solutions. He has completed many training seminars under some of America’s top rated trainers. As Co-Owner of the Charleston location, he is excited to be on the Kabler School For Dogs training team.

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Kabler trainer Tony Mooney is Charleston’s dog whisperer.